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The Apollo Towel - Black & White

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“To the moon and back!” The Apollo missions are no stranger to this saying and neither is this towel. When it comes to luxury and elegance, The Apollo is out of this world. It is considered the flagship of CALOU Turkish towels. No matter the space you're adding color to, The Apollo will leave you saying, “Houston, we have no problem!”

Product Specs

Size: 35.4 x 64.9 in / 90 x 165 cm
Weight: 2.09Ibs / 950g
Material: 100% Turkish Cotton

Why Purchase CALOU Towels?

CALOU is and always will be a “mom and pop” organization. With that mentality in mind we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our linens are uncompromising in quality and style. Our Turkish cotton is hand loomed with longer threads than other cotton which gives CALOU towels maximum softness and absorbency. Not only will our towels look brand new years from now but they will also become softer after each wash.  Using Turkish cotton lowers the potential for mildew and odor to build up over time. We are honored that you are considering making CALOU apart of your home and life. From our family to yours, thank you!